The story

My name is Iris Floor, I’m 26 years old and live in Amsterdam. In the summer of 2016, I graduated from Allround Styling at Artemis, academy for styling and design.

I work as an allround stylist for my own studio ‘Ayame styling & design‘.
With this, I help people to feel happy in their homes and offices. I also work BtoB, to help brands to be creative. I love to work on concept/product development. If the brand is stuck, or want’s a new feeling, we sit together and talk about it to see what I can do for you. It may be a new website design, a new product presentation, a whole new product or all of these and more.

Next to Ayame styling & design, I also work at Pure & Original as a blogger and allround stylist for design/communication.

The most important thing about my work, is that I want to touch people. I want to appeal all the senses, let you think about it and make a memory. I like to call this the ‘wow-effect‘.

Please, take a look at my portfolio to see some of my projects. And feel free to contact me if you like.

interior design – colour advice – photography – allround styling – illustrations – graphic design