Academie Artemis

  • Dutch Design Week

    Connect the Dots presented at the Dutch Design Week. 2016

  • Graduation project: Connect the Dots

    As my graduation project, I created a concept called 'Connect the Dots'. It is a book, festival and lifestyle app. The concept is about awareness of your own intervention in your happiness. It is about the connection between food, body and mind. 2016

  • Case Study

    Brand research with a creative plan to improve the brand (IKEA). 2016

  • Trendbook Berlin

    Trendbook created after visiting Berlin. 2015

  • Trend forecasting

    Trend forecast book with 4 trends highlighted. Including handmade materials, colour charts and dessins. 2015

  • Personal branding movie

    Branding film for the brand 'me'. 2015

  • Shiver

    Shiver project. Refresh your senses. 2014

  • Shiver backstage movie

    Backstage movie of the photoshoot for the Shiver project. 2014

  • America Today

    Instore magazine for America Today, including an photoshoot. 2013

  • Interior Design

    New store design for America Today. 2013