Case Study

Brand research with a creative plan to improve the brand (IKEA). 2016

The requirements of a Case Study, is a brand research with a detailed creative proposal. I choose for an ‘internship’ at IKEA.

At first, I did a detailed research to know the brand. Interviewed a lot of people, including the sustainability manager, design and branding manager, the person who designed the route and showrooms, and the STUDIO BY IKEA team.
I also worked one day at the store design team, and did more global research including reading IKEA’s own brand books, internet and surveys.

I bonded my research in a book. Called ‘ONDERZOEK’.


After my research, I found out some aspects where I saw possibilities. So I started to work on part 2: the creative proposal.
I wanted to work with some basic principals from IKEA: food, sustainability and Sweden.
After more research, I choose to create a festival, which will be presenting a typical Swedish holiday. I choose to work with Christmas and Midsommar, to give an example. Christmas and Midsommar are like day and night, and also one of the most important Swedish holidays. I also could explain my vision in two extremes, like summer and winter, black and night, warm and cold, sun and snow.
I choose to bring the holidays back to heir origin and feeling. So Christmas is not about presents and a Christmas tree, but about family, cosiness, light and darkness. An important point is that the brand IKEA would not stand out. There would be no IKEA signs. Also, it needed to be for the whole family. So I choose for interaction. Also because interaction gives a memory, just like holidays do. So every festival, there will be food tasting and workshops to join.

The Christmas event is placed on the market in Haarlem. On the days before Christmas, a lot of people will be present in the centre for Christmas shopping. So they don’t need to come to the festival, the festival will come to them.
The stand is in the shape of a big house. Because Christmas is about family, feeling welcome and home.
For the tasting part, I created an all black dinner. Including a lot of IKEA food.
The other side of the house is intended for workshops. Here an IKEA-worker will tell about the sustainability of the IKEA fabrics. As a workshop, you can learn to knit with leftover fabric, which will be thrown away otherwise.

The Midsommar event is placed on the beach. Because of the nice weather, a lot of people will be there. So just like the Christmas event, people don’t need to come to the event, the event comes to them.
The stand is in the shape of a wave. It is also placed on te water, and because of the wood it can flow and move with the waves. The open walls let the wind flow encourages open feeling.
For the tasting part, an IKEA-chef will cook and present summer food which will be exciting for a lot of people. Think about flowers and bugs.
Outside the stand, on the sand, there is an open space surrounded by walls made of fabric which will move in the wind. Here, you can join a dance workshop. Not a regular dance workshop, but a ‘free-dancing’ workshop. No rules, let yourself go on the rhythm of the wind. Just like they say at IKEA: ‘find your own style’.

I bonded my creative proposal in a second book. Called ‘VOORSTEL’.

I covered the two books in a big map made of natural materials: wood and linen. On the inside, you could also find postcards and material samples.




Academie Artemis