Graduation project: Connect the Dots

As my graduation project, I created a concept called 'Connect the Dots'. It is a book, festival and lifestyle app. The concept is about awareness of your own intervention in your happiness. It is about the connection between food, body and mind. 2016

Connect the Dots is a concept about awareness. The concept contains a book, festival, campaign and app.


The book connects the elements of food, body and mind. Inspiring, motivating and information which is easy to understand for everyone. A book, not just about the text, but to help you to create awareness about the subjects and give you some easy first steps.
Scientific knowledge clearly explained and identified through artwork, photography, delicious recipes and exciting challenges.

My goal: To make people aware of their choices. Make them think, and maybe think twice. To create questions and interest. And I hope, I can move them to make choices which will make them feel happy in their head, body, mind and life.

Do you accept the challenge? Take matters into their own hands and make the best out of yourself.



So, where did this come from?
The concept was created as my graduation project at Academie Artemis, school for allround styling and design. I graduated in 2016. Well, a project like this does not fall from the sky. I always did have personal problems with food, body and mind. Walking into hospital after hospital and having almost no progress, I came to realise how most of the medical world keeps working in their own district. Most of them do not ask about sleep, food or stress when you have complications. I did my own research and kept seeing doctor after doctor.
At the same time, I studied 4 years at Academie Artemis. I did a lot of research and my interest in food grow. I always did like baking and cooking, but feeding this interest did make it grow bigger and bigger. At some time, I came to research all kind of studies about the connection between food and body. I was already aware that my body did not react how it supposed to react to some food, like milk and bread. I never liked milk and bread anyway, so this was nothing new to me. But it was new to take a look at some new options, like soy milk. The interest into the reason why did grow as well. And again, the note to see the specialist in the hospital was there. I did all kind of test. No allergies. Happy? No. Because I still did feel the pain. So my research continued.
After seeing an alternative doctor, I did learn more about the connections inside the body. Things the specialists never asked or told before. It all started to fall in place.
On the same time – yes a lot at the same time – I was feeling very low. Have been there before. This time I decided to see a psychologist. After one year she could not help me further. I had to take antidepressants. And I was not gonna take them. So I went back to the alternative doctor. He told me ‘The brain can feel sad, and make your body feel bad as well. But it is also possible the other way around. In that case, your body is hurt, and your body makes your head feel sad as well. And this is what is happening to you’. I am not taking those antidepressants.
The new research started. How can I make my head feel better, by healing my body? And at this time, my graduation year was begun. I had to choose a subject with worldwide, economic impact. Which had to do with trends and also styling off course. And it had to be personal because it has to be my story, which I fully needed to stand for. Well, there was no better project to start with.