Inspiration Collection

International press campaign for the release of the new 'Inspiration Collection' by Pure & Original. 2017


Pure & Original is a Dutch paint brand with a wide range of paint types and colours made with respect for human and nature.

All our paint is coloured with 100% natural pigments and we always use a mineral base as much as possible. It’s not surprising that our most popular paint colours are neutrals. The Classico chalk-based paint and Fresco lime paint are often selected in grey and beige tones, for a warm and inviting home living atmosphere.

But in addition to these neutral tones, we have more! This year we launch our new “Inspiration Collection”, a selection of colours that complement each other beautifully and create a special atmosphere.

With this 2017 collection, we have chosen to focus on colour – an abundance of full, rich colours! We offer a variation of soft pink with a velvety, soft appearance, a deep purple full of force, a stunning mirror-red, and a whole range of blues from cool and crisp to warm and majestic. The colours are soft, deep, full and intense, getting the most from the natural pigments that are used. You will lose yourself in the colours, and the walls around you will feel like a soft, warm blanket… just a little more vibrant!

In order to present our “Inspiration Collection” best, Pure & Original’s Visual Manager, Iris Floor, has worked together with a creative team in Norway. “Looking at the future, and how much colour we’re going to see, it’s a logical step for us to focus on applying more bright colours. We have used the already-existing colour palette as a foundation for our new Inspiration Collection, but have enhanced our colours in a whole new setting, making them into a real statement! The variety of colour tones complements each other very well. This is a collection that demonstrates that serenity and unity can be achieved with vibrant colours, as well as neutrals.” 


Copyright: Pure & Original
Creative Direction: Dagny Fargestudio
Styling: Kirsten Visdal
Photography: Margaret de Lange
Visual Manager: Iris Floor





Pure & Original