Trend Forecasting

Trend forecasting. Trend 'Polished' and 'Raw'. 2013


The theme ‘Polished’ is all about manipulation.
This is derived from the article on child Miss elections in America.
This article appealed to me because the issue touches me, I want to know the reason for the girls to do so, and what goes on in their heads.
I also wonder how much those girls are influenced from the outside, and if that is done deliberately or unconsciously.
It touches me in the sense that I find it absurd how parents (mothers) to go with it. In my eyes, they are going much too far.

I think in the future this kind of thing, and what to do further with it is like plastic surgery, will become more ‘normal’.
Formerly, and still in some countries, it is not done to get plastic surgery. Lately, it is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon.

My future idea:
It is normal to go to the plastic surgeon. As normal as the barber. A surgeon is a popular profession and is widely practised. You can just go over to the mall with, either without an appointment, as your nose to work with.


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The theme RAW is about community.
This is derived from the article about dilapidated heritage.
This article really appealed to me because I find it a shame that is cut by the crisis monuments restorations. The world is built on its origin if it is not maintained, the source path, and then missing a huge piece of history.
What I thought when I read the article, things like monuments also hold the community together.
This monument is not maintained, the community also falls apart.
Imagine: You have a church, and there is a town built around. Everyone has to do with the church, so they are so interconnected. And then, the church closes, what do these people still together?

I think in the future there are more companies or other organisations to take responsibility for a monument.

My future idea:
You can buy a monument. All major companies have different monuments, they maintain this, and often place a commercial opportunity in. Such as a restaurant. Thus an efficient use is made monuments that would otherwise be lost.


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